Airstar Australia


State-of-the-art event lighting in Australia

At Airstar Australia, we offer a comprehensive service for the event, branding, industrial and search and rescue lighting across Australia. When you book our services, we guarantee a tailored approach that is designed to meet your needs, whatever your lighting requirements. Just call us today to find out more about what we do on 1300 247 782.
We offer years of experience in delivering high-quality lighting solutions for a wide variety of applications. From events and branding with the likes of Nike and Telstar to specialist search and rescue lighting and industrial rigs, we offer lighting that is fit for purpose.
Quality stage lights on a console with smoke
Stage with light beams
If you require lighting for your event or project, just call us today and speak to one of our team about your needs. We will be happy to talk you through the range of options we have available.
For all your event lighting needs, call 1300 247 782 today.
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